Q: What is the difference between a white egg and a brown egg?
A: White eggs are from a White Leghorn Chicken and brown eggs are from a Hybrid Rhode Island Red Chicken.

Q: How long are eggs good for?
A: The date on the carton is a sell by date which means that is the last day we can sell them. Under proper refrigeration, eggs should last a few weeks after the sell by date.

Q: Do eggs need to be washed after purchased?
A: No. All eggs sold in the USA have to be washed before being sold to the public.

Q: Are your chickens fed hormones?
A: No. Egg-laying chickens are never given hormones.

Q: Why are eggs different sizes?
A: In general, chickens will start laying small eggs at 20-weeks-old. As they age, chickens will lay larger eggs.

Q: Why do brown eggs cost more than white eggs?
A: Brown chickens are larger and eat more feed.

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